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Bridle Hanger
A neat and tidy way to store tack and equipment. No more tangled lungelines falling off hooks in the tack room. No need to throw your good bridle on the ground when you’ve finished riding. The Bridle Hanger has a scissor snap at the end making it easy to hang anywhere. Bridle Hangers are made of soft cotton web and come in a variety of colourful ribbon trims. The clip closure keeps tack from getting tangled, and provides a hanging place around your tack up area or in the tack locker. Use on bridles, lungelines, side reins, halters and leads as well as ropes and even electrical cords.



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Hydrophane 500 ml
Best in the World for oiling new saddles and strap. Protects, waterproofs, softens, reconditions leather. Made in England.



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Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap 400g Tub
The finest of materials has been used in the manufacture of this soap. Being free from any excess of Alkali, it is an ideal preparation for cleaning and renovating saddles and smooth leather. The use of this soap makes leather soft and supple and produces a perfect finish. It will not rub off or soil clothing. It can also be used as a cleanser and softener for shoes, boots, bags, luggage etc.

Directions: Apply a very light smear of the soap with a damp cloth which has been squeezed nearly dry. After the soap has dried polish with a soft cloth.



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Joseph Lyddy Leathaphane 500mL
Leathaphane protects and softens new leather and revitalises old. This leather oil is a special blend of top quality natural tanning oils which keep leather soft and pliable whilst also preserving and waterproofing. Recommended for saddles, bridles, harness, travel goods, upholstery, gloves, belts, boots, shoes etc.

Directions: Wipe surface clean. Shake well before use and pour small quantity into a saucer. Apply evenly to leather with a soft brush. Allow to penetrate and polish with a soft cloth. Apply one, two or three coats as conditions may require.



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Herm Sprenger Diamond Paste
Diamond Paste cleans, maintains and puts the sparkle back into your Sprenger bits, spurs and stirrups. Sprenger Diamond Paste is kind to the skin, non toxic, non acidic and it contains micro fine polishing granules.


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