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Natures Farmacy Retroflam
RETROFLAM™ is a blend of ingredients known to support the health of equine stomachs and hind gut.  Causes of digestive dis-ease in horses can be stress, incorrect diet and medication side effects.  Phospholipids in soy lecithin support the integrity of stomach membrane linings.  RETROFLAM ™ is a blend of natural ingredients, including high concentrate Phosphatidylcholine Lecithin (non GMO), good digestive bacteria, nervous system supporting B Vitamins and ingredients to support the immune systemand PH balance.  This nutritional blend may assist horses exhibiting digestive imbalance such as wind sucking, wood chewing, cribbing, "girth issues", sourness and reluctance to work.

RETROFLAM includes:Phosphatidylcholine Lecithin, B1, B2, B6, Magnesium, MSM, Vitamin C,Calcium, microencapsulated acid buffer and live probiotic.

1.5 kg



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Khonke's Own Cell Vital
Kohnke's Own Cell Vital is a highly palatable vitamin and mineral supplement for racing, performance, breeding & growing horses.  Designed to  make up shortfalls in the common grain, chaff & hay rations fed to horses in training.  Ideal for racing, harness & equestrian performance horses.Formulated from two separate supplets blended in a 50:50 ratio to deliver a comprehensive range of nutrients to correct low or inadequate levels in the diets.

Brown supplets contain major trace minerals.
Yellow supplets contain the major vitamins.

1.4 kg

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KER Preserve
KER PRESERVE is a scientifically formulated supplementary source of Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin C and Magnesium. PRESERVE may aid in the nutritional support of normal muscle function. Muscle damage is a constant risk in working horses, leading to reduced performance or inability to work. PRESERVE contains the combination of antioxidants and essential nutrients which work synergistically to maintain normal muscle function.  PRESERVE may aid in the reduction of stiffness and soreness, during and after work which may ordinarily hamper performance and recovery. PRESERVE supports muscle recovery after work, reducing downtime between performances. 4kg

4 kg


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Founderguard is a patented feed supplement, which protects horses from feed induced laminitis (founder). Researched and developed in Australia, Founderguard is considered by equine nutritionists as a major breakthrough in horse feeding, as it allows high energy diets to be fed safely.

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