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SalkaviteRanvet Salkavite

2.0 kg
(GST inc)


30g of Salkavite plus 60g of Salt, it's highly effective and very economical.

When it's hot, up to 15 litres of sweat can be lost in just one hour. Electrolyte and B Group vitamin losses in the sweat can be quite significant and if they are not replaced, performance will suffer and so will the horse! Common salt is an essential electrolyte. When it's hot, horses need up to 60g a day of it. Combine this with 30g of Salkavite everyday and you'll beat the heat and boost performance.

Why is Salkavite so effective?
The important difference between Ranvet's Salkavite and other electrolyte mixes is the very high content of B Group vitamins. Salkavite has been specifically formulated for horses being fed high grain diets and subjected to extreme physical stress.

The cereal grains fed to horses in work provide their major source of energy. For maximum release of this energy, a supplementary intake of B Group vitamins is essential, and this is what Ranvet's Salkavite provides.

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