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BetaCALM is a Thiamine and magnesium supplement, designed to effectively calm nervous and anxious horses. Its unique blend of ingredients actively helps to eliminate distress.

Active constituents include:
Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1) 1000mg/30g; Magnesium 8000mg/30g; Tryptophan 1000mg/30g and Vitamin E 1000mg/30g

How does it work?
BetaCALM has a unique combination of ingredients shown to settle nervous horses without affecting performance. It contains the essential amino acid tryptophan, which stabilises the horse's mood, providing a less excitable temperament. Tryptophan is not produced naturally by the horse and beneficial levels are not found in feed. Tryptophan is converted in the body to serotine, which helps induce feelings of relaxation and calmness. BetaCALM also contains Thiamine, Magnesium and Vitamin E. Thiamine is involved in cellular function within the nervous system and is well known as a calming supplement for nervous animals. Magnesium is an important part of cell metabolism, especially in the nervous system and in muscles during work. Horses deficient in Magnesium (heavy sweaters, dietary deficiencies etc) respond to high levels of magnesium with the horse being calmer as a consequence. The final key ingredient is Vitamin E, which due to its anti-oxidant properties helps to protect cell membranes and maintain normal nerve and other functions.

It is this unique blend of four ingredients that makes BetaCALM perfectly balanced in everything that is essential.

Directions for use:
For general use mix 30g per 450kg body weight into the feed daily. Alternatively mix 30g with an equal part of clean water and syringe directly over the tongue daily. Use for as long as required to alleviate the nervous symptoms.

Before competition mix 90g per 450kg body weight into the feed daily for the 2-3 days prior to the competition.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • BetaCALM calms your horse while still allowing it to perform at its optimum level
  • BetaCALM contains no prohibited substances
  • BetaCALM's two feeding options give the horse enthusiast the choice to adjust their behaviour mid week or just for competition day
  • If your horse is reluctant to eat powders, BetaCALM can be mixed with water and syringed over the tongue
  • BetaCALM is a safe product which contains pure vitamin, mineral and amino acid composition
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