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Hi Shine Hot Oil Hair Treatment -
Hi Shine Hot Oil Hair Treatment has been specifically formulated by PRW Products to produce a brilliant shine & gloss to equine coats, manes & tails.  It is the product of choice to revive dull, dead coats, or produce that ultimate show ring shine and finish on your horse. Highly concentrated, contains no water, no harsh chemicals and no ingredients derived from animals. Made using the highest quality, NATURAL cosmetic grade oils. Quality tested. Available in 500 ml and 1L.

500 ml

1 Litre


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Equinade Showsilk Shampoo
Equinade Showsilk Concentrate Shampoo cleans off all traces of grime and dirt. At the same time, the special medicinal qualities nourish the coat and skin, preventing scurf and assisting in the control of dermatological conditions and tropical bacterial infections such as ring worm. After shampooing it is important to finish off with a conditioner in order to close the cuticle. This will prevent the coat from drying and fading. An Australian made product. Available in 1 Litre



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Equinade Showsilk Protein Conditioner
Equinade Showsilk Protein Conditioner is designed to restore the natural acid mantle (pH level) after shampooing and add lustre to the coat. The two active ingredients in this conditioner are Aloe Vera and Protein. Aloe Vera acts as a gentle stabiliser for excess oil and is well known for its ability to assist with minor dermatological problems. Aloe Vera also adds shine and protects the coat with a fine conditioning film. Simultaneously, the protein in the conditioner is absorbed by the hairs to give the coat a lot of body and protect the individual hairs from splitting and drying. Showsilk Conditioner is also ideal for manes and tails after shampooing to untangle and shine. An Australian made product. Available in 1 Litre



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Equinade Showsilk Glo-Shampoo
Formulated with natural colours and optical brighteners to enhance the depth of colour, leaving a brilliant and lasting sheen. Equinade “Showsilk” Glo-Shampoos are concentrated and have high cleaning capabilities, making them economical to use. Available in Glo-Bay, Glo-White, Glo-Black and Glo-Chestnut, 1 Litre.
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