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Dressage Selections Gift Certificate
Still can't decide on the perfect gift? Why not give a Dressage Selections Gift Certificate? Available in $25, $50 and $100 amounts, or just contact us if you would like to specify a different value. Gift certificates are posted but electronic versions are available, too.


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Dressage Dreams 10
Dressage Dreams is all about the ultimate achievement in the Dressage arena - the rarely obtained perfect score of 10. Meet the riders and their unforgettable equine partners who have achieved the highest scores possible in the most demanding of all the Dressage tests - the Grand Prix.

The world's top riders and trainers give their personal views and reveal their secrets on how they and their horse prepare for competition with the aim of obtaining the perfect score. The best Dressage ponies in the world are also included. Over 200 images are used to illustrate the beauty of dressage.



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PHP Top Tails
PHP Top Tails has been uniquely designed to be dust resistant, non-oily or coagulating, easy to apply, add great shine and detangle – all in one product. Top Tails also has a long term conditioning effect on your horse’s tail leaving it soft, supple and manageable for up to two weeks after applying. Top Tails is easy to apply and extremely economical, enabling you to outshine your competitors with half the work. An Australian designed and made product.



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Jane Savoie's Dressage 101
It's a simple, riddle-free system of training that places a high priority on the horse's physical and mental well-being. Beginning with the three golden rules of dressage training 'clarity, consistency, and kindness' Jane Savoie walks you through her four stages of dressage education.


Eskadron Fleece Bandages
Made from elastic fleece material. Velcro fastening. Protects tendons and ligaments. The fleece provides sufficient padding, no need to use with linings. Packed in a set of 4 bandages.


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Bridle Hanger - * Two for $25.00 *
A neat and tidy way to store tack and equipment. No more tangled lungelines falling off hooks in the tack room. No need to throw your good bridle on the ground when you’ve finished riding. The Bridle Hanger has a scissor snap at the end making it easy to hang anywhere. Bridle Hangers are made of soft cotton web and come in a variety of colourful ribbon trims. The clip closure keeps tack from getting tangled, and provides a hanging place around your tack up area or in the tack locker. Use on bridles, lungelines, side reins, halters and leads as well as ropes and even electrical cords.



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