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The Schooling Strap
Why put a frayed piece of bailing twine on the front of an expensive English saddle? Providing a reliable handhold during schooling or lessons, this cotton web strap is extremely helpful when riding on the lungeline or to steady the rider's hands. A terrific teaching aid for children and adults at any level!


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The Lungeing Strap
When a lungeing caveson is not available, use the Lungeing Strap for stability. Made of sturdy 1" wide cotton web, the Lungeing Strap slips through the bit ring and also under the noseband, then velcros back to itself to form a secure loop. Snap your lungeline to the heavyweight D rings at the end of the loop, and lunge. The Lungeing Strap provides young or green horses with a steadier contact than lungeing directly from the bit.



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Rein-Aid® inserts easily attach to your current bridle and promote the feeling of an elastic, following contact. Rein-Aid® inserts encourage horses to relax, accept the bit and round through their topline. A leather loop limits the stretch of elastic for precision and safety. Rein-Aid® inserts teaches the rider the feeling of soft hands without changing their ability to control the horse. Available in Black or Brown.
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