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"The Rein-Aid® is a clear winner when it comes to improving the horses acceptance to the bit. Used for riding, longlining and lunging, Rein-Aid® focuses on an elastic contact with the horses mouth, similar to that achieved through education by World Class riders."

As reviewed from Equi.Net

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Once you lunge with the Soft-Lunge® you will never use any other lunge line. The added elastic creates a soft, yet precise connection enhancing the communication between horse and handler.


Soft-Lunge® teaches the horse to yield to the pressure of the lunge line without suddenly hitting the end of the line and being jerked. Soft-Lunge® should be snapped directly to the inside bit ring and may be used with or without sidereins to improve the horse’s response to the bit and the correct development of the horses muscles. Soft-Lunge encourages the horse to remain on a light contact with the lungeline allowing the handler to achieve a soft, round, perfect circle!

Made in U.S.A. by Rein-Aid productions, Soft-Lunge® features quality cotton webbing with a solid brass snap or chain. Bridle leather limits the stretch of elastic to provide a soft feel without compromising control. The leather button end allows the handler to feel the end of the lungeline without the risk of becoming trapped in a loop handle.



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