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Once you lunge with the Soft-Lunge® you will never use any other lunge line. The added elastic creates a soft, yet precise connection enhancing the communication between horse and handler. Soft-Lunge® teaches the horse to yield to the pressure of the lunge line without suddenly hitting the end of the line and being jerked. Soft-Lunge® should be snapped directly to the inside bit ring and may be used with or without sidereins to improve the horse’s response to the bit and the correct development of the horses muscles. Soft-Lunge® encourages the horse to remain on a light contact with the lungeline allowing the handler to achieve a soft, round, perfect circle!
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Sliding Side Reins
Invite the horse to stretch their head and neck forward and down, developing relaxation and self carriage. If the horse avoids contact with regular side reins, leans on them, or only stays round in one gait, these are for him! Especially effective on horses with high head carriage, or tightness in the back muscles, the 'sliding' effect of the rein at the bit ring produces a steady contact and a calmer, rounder, more relaxed horse. Especially effective on ponies and other horses with short fat necks! Made from heavy cotton web in Black. Easily adjusted to different positions according to the level of training of the horse. Available in pony, cob, horse and warmblood sizes. more information



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World's Finest lungeline currently out of stock
Start your lungeline training by choosing the lungeline that is right for you and your horse. The World's Finest™ lungeline is made of cotton web so is kind on your hands. Measured for your Convenience - The World's Finest™ Lungeline has three wide stops placed at the 10 metre, 15 metre and 20 metre marks. No more guessing about the size of your lungeing circle.

The World's Finest™ Lungeline has a 5 year guarantee against defects in workmanship. With proper care and use, it should last a lifetime. If you have any problem with your World's Finest™ lungeline, please call us. We'll take care of it.



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The Lungeing Strap
When a lungeing caveson is not available, use the Lungeing Strap for stability. Made of sturdy 1" wide cotton web, the Lungeing Strap slips through the bit ring and also under the noseband, then velcros back to itself to form a secure loop. Snap your lungeline to the heavyweight D rings at the end of the loop, and lunge. The Lungeing Strap provides young or green horses with a steadier contact than lungeing directly from the bit.



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The Stirrup Keeper
A handy little strap that sits across the seat of the saddle and hooks to the stirrup irons, keeping them in the 'run-up' position. The Stirrup Keeper™ allows the horse to concentrate on his lungeline work without the distraction and annoyance of slipping stirrup irons, banging him in the sides. Scissors snaps, with wide openings, hook easily to the stirrup irons, eliminating twisted or knotted stirrup leathers.



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Lungeing Whip
198 cm Black


Lungeing Roller
Black, available in cob or full


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