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Specialising in supplies and equipment

The Successful Dressage Competitor



Are your dressage scores as high as you expect them to be? Are you good at riding but not so good at competing? This book offers coaching on all aspects of preparing for and riding in dressage tests up to Medium level. There are instructions on how to ride all the test movements correctly along with advice on the practical matters of choosing when and where to compete learning and practising tests having your horse and all your equipment organised and then having a clear routine to follow once you arrive at the show. Best of all the author explains how to master the art of competing including presenting your horse in such a way that any training issues are

not obvious to the eye - especially that of the judge.

Publisher: J A Allen

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 200

ISBN: 9780851319629

Author: Lush Debby

For the Horse

For the Rider