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Stretch Excercises for Your Horse



The controlled stretching of muscles has been an integral part of the training of human athletes for many years. Now professional therapist and equestrian trainer Karin Blignault demonstrates the value of stretch exercises in improving performance and guarding against injury in horses. Individual exercises are explained in detail together with clear specific instructions to ensure they are carried out in the most beneficial manner with no risk of injury to horse or therapist. An essential guide for all owners and trainers of sport horses.

Publisher: J A Allen

Format: Spiral Bound

Number of Pages: 176

ISBN: 0 85131 860 6

Author: Karen Blignault

Author Notes: Karin Blignault started riding at an early age and in her twenties studied under a number of eminent trainers -her studies bringing competition success in showjumping, horse trails and dressage. She still remains active at a high level in dressage to this day, while also teaching riding, and participating in equestrian seminars and she enjoys the challenge of correcting problems in other people's horses.

Further Title Description: Following extensive research into this subject, occupational therapist and equestrian trainer Karin Blignaut has written Stretch Exercises for Your Horse, an innovative and thought-provoking book which shows how the principles long applied to human athletes can be used for the considerable benefit of horse and enhancement of their performance across the whole rage of equestrian sport. The individual exercises are explained in detail, with clear, specific instructions designed to ensure that they are carried out in the most beneficial manner, with no risk or injury to horse or therapist. Stretch Exercises for Your Horse will be of great interest to all owners and trainers of sport horses and indeed, to all those who wish to contribute to the constructive development of the hoses they ride.

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