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Schooling Horses In-Hand - OUT OF PRINT



For centuries horses have been trained in-hand in the classical schools. In this book a master of the art demonstrates a training programme for riders and trainers showing how schooling from the ground builds trust obedience and balance in the horse. He shows that in-hand work supports and complements work under saddle and how it can assist riders striving to achieve higher-level movements in dressage.

Publisher: J A Allen

Format: Hardcover

Number of Pages: 160

ISBN: 9780851318347

Author: Richard Hinrichs

Author Notes: Richard Hinrichs was schooled as a young man by a member of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Today he trains, teaches and performs widely with his Lipizzaner and Andalusian horses demonstrating the fine art of classical horsemanship.

Further Title Description: For centuries horses have been trained in-hand within the classical schools of riding, yet today work in-hand is often forgotten. German trainer Richar Hinrichs, presents his training programme showing how schooling from the ground builds trust, obedience, and balance in the horse. He clearly demonstrates that in-hand work is an excellent way of supporting and complementing work under saddle and can be especially helpful for riders striving to achieve the higher-level movements for dressage competition. Richard Hinrichs demonstrates how the use of reins, whip, voice and body language can encourage voluntary co-operation from the horse and allow him to develop his balance and confidence without the added complications of a rider's weight. The book is filled with clear explanations and numerous colour photos of the necessary equipment and techniques including for schooling in-hand; aids and their application; work on the lunge; the Spanish walk; pesade and capriole.


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