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Klaus Balkenhol: The Man and his Training Methods



Klaus Balkenhol double Olympic gold medallist and chef d'equipe of the US dressage team is a key figure of the international dressage world. So involved is he in the sport one cannot separate his personal story from this training philosophies which are grounded in the timeless are of classical riding. In this new book you learn about both the man and his mission as his biography is brilliantly intertwined with his views on training the dressage horse. From fascinating personal anecdotes to practical tips for choosing the right horse adjusting the training scale to accommodate different rides and even correcting specific upper level training

problems this book delivers both engaging memoir and relevant education.

Publisher: J A Allen

Format: Hardcover

Number of Pages: 160

ISBN: 9780851319544

Author: Britta Schoffman

Author Notes: Dr Britta Schoffmann is a journalist, recipient of a gold German riding badge, Grand Prix rider, competition judge and instructor. She is the author of various horse books that focus on the value of a strong mutual bond of trust between a person and a horse.

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