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Dressage Tips and Training Solutions



Three top German trainers join forces and provide a problem-solving training manual for dressage riders from novice to Grand Prix level. The German training principles including the establishment of losgelassenheit (looseness) durchlassigkeit (submission and responsiveness) and schwung (impulsion and swing) are emphasized throughout giving some insight into why and how Germany produces so many world-beating horses. The book covers the main elements of the horse's education - from early schooling on the lunge through to Grand Prix movements - stressing throughout the need for sympathetic management of the horse both

during work and when at liberty. It includes a chapter on jumping with gymnastic grid exercises to supple the dressage horse. It also discusses rider psychology and how to acquire the right attitude to training and competing. Training techniques are presented in an accessible "problems and tips" format identifying training difficulties and offering solutions. The work may be used as a quick reference to be dipped into at leisure or as the need arises.

Publisher: Kenilworth Press

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 160

ISBN: 9788187219359

Author: Petra and Wolfgang Holzel

For the Horse

For the Rider