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Dancing with Horses - Communication by Body Language



The best-selling author explains his method of training by the use of body language and psychology. Picture sequences practical exercises and detailed instruction for training from the ground and under saddle shows how anyone can achieve harmony in horsemanship and collection on a loose rein.

Publisher: J A Allen

Format: Hardcover

Number of Pages: 204

ISBN: 0 85131 787 1

Author: Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Author Notes: Klaus Ferdinand Hempfing, has shaken up the international horse world with his though-provoking theories. The basis of his work is consideration for the horse's psyche, communication via a body language that is understood by the horse and interaction with these powerful, beautiful, dignified creatures in accordance with nature. The charismatic author's method of communicating with horses have been embraced by thousands of participants and onlookers at his clinics and demonstrations and Dancing with Horses, an international bestseller, made him Europes's most prolific horse whispterer.

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