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Specialising in supplies and equipment

Budget Horse and Pony Care



Horse products can be expensive and the lure of a new kit is sometimes hard to resist especially with increasingly elaborate designs--horse bling is in! However there is a wide range of items that can be made for a fraction of the cost ranging from equine beauty products first-aid liniments and rugs and blankets to show jumps and horse treats with everything in between. This indispensable volume provides easy instructions on making all manner of equestrian items and explains how to alter existing horse-and-rider gear with minimal expenditure. There is also a comprehensive section offering advice on how to be more ecologically friendly and save money by

assessing stable management practices. Hard-earned money can go a little further with this collection of essential practical and simple ways to save pennies and make the most of your horse money.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781910000000

Author: Tamsin Pickerall

For the Horse

For the Rider