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Basic Training of the Young Horse



Olympic Dressage Gold Medal winner Reiner Klimke was recognized as one of the best all-round riders in the world. His best-selling guide to the correct schooling of the horse has been fully revised by his daughter Ingrid. Simple yet precise and detailed the book covers the whole education of the horse from foal through breaking to work under saddle.

Publisher: J A Allen

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 144

ISBN: 0 85131 927 0

Author: Reiner and Ingrid Klimke

Author Notes: Dr Reiner Klimke was the most successful dressage rider in the world; his achievements included Olympic gold medallist, World Dressage Champion, European Dressage Champion and European Horse Trials Champion. All his victories and medals were won on horses he had trained himself. His daughter Ingrid Klimke follows in the footsteps of her famous father. A successful Olympic participant and European bronze medallist, she is one of very few riders to have achieved major successes at the highest level in both dressage and three-day-eventing.

Further Title Description:

The first year under saddle sets the building blocks for the future of a riding horse: with a solid basic training he can do what is required of him willingly while remaining in the best of heath. Twenty years after the publication of Reiner Klimke's classic work comes a new edition, fully revised and updated by Reiner and his daughter, Ingrid. Based on sound, practical and theoretical advice, this instructional handbook gives advice on establishing a specific training plan for recreational riders as well as competition riders to enable them to train their young horses successfully. Every aspect of the education of a young horse is covered, including: basic education; lungeing; training under saddle; from suppleness to the development of impulsion; cavaletti work; jumping training; hacking; and preparing for the first competition.

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