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Balancing Act. The Horse in Sport - An Irreconcilable Conflict?



Dr Gerd Heuschmann burst onto the international equestrian scene with his startling expose Tug of War, in which he demonstrated with words and photographs the disturbing effects of the (then) popular 'Rollkur' or 'hyperflexion' technique in training dressage horses.

In his long-awaited follow-up book, Dr Heuschmann explores what it means to be a 'responsible rider,' and asks whether, in today's society, it is indeed possible for riders in any horse sport to put the good of the horse first and foremost - most pointedly above ambition and fame. With fabulous art to help show the anatomy of












the horse and how it is impacted by various riding techniques, as well as further proof that - although some steps have been taken to prevent the use of forceful and cruel techniques in the training of top horses - many sport horses still perform in pain and discomfort, this book is sure to follow in its bestselling predecessor's footsteps. Dr Heuschmann's arguments are based in his experience as a veterinarian and his knowledge of the working equine's body, and are certain to ring true with every serious rider who also claims to be an avid horse lover.

JA Allen
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 256
Author: Gerd Heuschmann

Author Notes: DR GERD HEUSCHMANN trained as a Bereiter (master rider) in Germany before qualifying for veterinary study at Munich University. There he specialised in equine orthopaedics for two years before accepting a post as the head of the breeding department at the German FN, which he eventually left to start his own practice in Warendorf. He has been an active member of the 'hyperflexion' (previously referred to as Rollkur) debate, weighing in at the 2005 USDF National Symposium and the 2006 FEI Veterinary and Dressage Committees' Workshop. His book Tug of War and his DVD If Horses Could Speak are international bestsellers.

Further Title Description: 
New biomechanical, historical, and ethical evidence that “modern” riding and training methods wreak havoc on the horse’s body and mind. Plus, five chapters of researched and proven recommendations for retraining: the tense horse; the rein-lame horse; the horse with gait deviations; the hyperflexed horse; and the unbalanced horse that is completely off the aids. 

”A training philosophy that diametrically opposes one of two partners can never lead to harmony. Imagine a dance pair where the leader wants to force harmony and suppleness using muscular strength against his partner and, when necessary devices to force an unnatural position!” - Dr. Gerd Heuschmann.



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